Welcome to The Grove!

Visit our YouTube channel to see the new promo for The Grove The Series!

We are so excited to be up and running in pre-production for The Grove The Series!

We have an amazing writer, Paul Barber (21 Jump Street, Cagney and Lacey), working on the 45 minute pilot episode that we plan to shoot in mid-June with some of your favorite daytime actors! We will be revealing who these beautiful people are very soon.

The G Spot, our store, will be up and functioning soon with fun merchandize and, as always, the revenue go towards the production. We would love your ideas on what you would like to see in the store. Edible chaps? LOL.

Also, as we roll out OUR cast picks, we would love to know who YOU would like to see visit The Grove. There are always folks rolling through. Shooting on the Central Coast of California, we will bring some of the natural beauty we get to live with every day.

Come join us! Check out the site....our Facebook. We have so much fun in store!!

Groovin' in the Grove,

Michael and Crystal


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