Bob Woods - Doyle
Crystal Chappell - Nico
Jessica Leccia - Ivy
Michelle Stafford - Lauren
Mark Hapka - Sean


NICO, motor head and master mechanic met her wife IVY Rodriquez in an East L.A. bakery where Ivy baked her famous sweet bread, and Nico, after Ivy's oven quit, gave it one swift kick to get Ivy back in biz and into Nico's Arms.

IVY now works as the Head Baker for Nico's fathers DOYLE Moynihan IV, at his historic Old Grove Tavern and Inn, a woodsy, funky, well-worn pub.

DOYLE manages the place in his own lovable seat-of-his-pants way, but that's just the other side his volatile, need-to-place-a-bet personality. He currently is acting the nervous Father of the Bride as he readies his pub for his daughter's wedding and reception, and event.

LAUREN, who's inherited her father's gambling energy and transformed it into an entertainment lawyer's career. She is Nico's half sister and curses like a sailor as she wheels and deals with the rich and infamous.

SEAN (Lauren's brother), who has reluctantly taken over the family almond business, will show up and try not to create Armageddon, as he spends long work days trying to forget that other "Dream" he left behind.


PATRICK "Paddy" has made a fortune from the bulldozing of countless Almond Groves and the development of an office park and mini-mansion Mc-land. Paddy, the boyhood "stand by me" friend of Doyle, has bought into the Nuevo rich lifestyle, he's learned to be ruthless but he hides a great sadness under his expensive suits. The suits of which are purchased by his socialite, debutante terrible wife.

GLORIA (Patrick's wife), who very much needs to be thought of as wealthy, rich and wealthy.

MAXIMUS "Max", homophobe and bad-boy-about-town.

MARIGOLD, Paris Hilton complete with bag dogs. These two have the Grinch's love for all people, rich and poor, small and large.

KATHERINE - "Kitty", niece of Paddy. Liberaly, activist, people person, political fundraiser. Uncomfortable with the family's fortune which drives her toward the least well off in town. She has eyes on Jonny but he has eyes on another Grove resident.

PRISSY - Paddy's mistress. She's unapologetic about being a kept woman. Feisty and smart, Prissy knows how to play the game. 

THE CHAVAS, THE WHITES, the rest ...

JONNY CHAVAS, Foreman of Doyle's orchards and processing plants, eco-conscience gentleman farmer.

CALIFORNIA POPPY CHAVAS, high school senior.

BOBBY WHITE – head chef at the pub, carries the heavy burden of the loss of his grown son in an overseas, unnecessary war. Rufus retreated to The Grove to hide, but his past is catching up with him.

JUSTIN WHITE - Rufus' nephew. Academic, Has had to give up a great deal and work his ass off for college scholarship. Focused on his future. Will let nothing deter him…until he meets a certain California Poppy.

JEAN-PAUL – a transcient type, he is the go-to guy in the pub, ubiquitous around town. He never say more than Oui and Non.

Jordan Clarke - Patrick
Beth Maitland - Gloria
Christian LeBlanc - Maximus
Nadia Bjorlin - Marigold
Bobbie Eakes - Katherine
Peter Reckell - Johnny
Linsey Godfrey - Poppy
Judi Evans - Prissy
Harrison White - Bobby
Kilian White
Patrick Kilian White - Jean-Paul

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